Sunday, August 30, 2009

new adveNTUres

Oops, sorry for that cheesy play on the online-learning portal. Anyway, sorry again for not updating this space. Trying to settle down in uni, but apparently, each week brings about new stuff that keeps me busy.

Finally, my timetable is settled. Although it's not the best one (freshies are at the bottom of the food chain, so complain also no use), at least there are some days when it's quite relaxed.

Besides the 3 cores assigned to me, I took on one more core, and these electives:
> Media in America - the documentary was so sad! War journalism isn't everyone's cup of tea, apparently.

> Introduction to Psychology - thank you jiamin's friend! But omgosh, it's not an easy topic.

Still getting lost in NTU, and also getting lost among my course readings. Things are happening so fast! Well, here are the past weeks in pictures:

Wilson Wang's 21st - Queen Bees & Hot Jocks
Yep, my "twin's" birthday (same name, same Chinese surname, and he even has a younger brother named Wilfred, too). It was a night of decadence - the food was of such high-quality - nothing short of what to expect from a Wilson. =P Thanks for your Salsa-dip recipe. Shall try it out soon! =)

Geek & His Bimbos
It was a night where a bunch of year 3 girls bully a freshie. But it was also a night of good talk and catch-up. And remember, people, a car is not as small as a motorcycle =XX

From one of my fave dessert stalls - 记得吃! Remember to visit it in Jurong Point! The durian-milk curd is simply delicious.

"Old Tales of Hollywood" - WKWSCI Dinner & Dance '09
Location: The Falcon Princess - a ship!

Meeting at Harbourfront centre first..

Our boarding pass!
The ship!

The table pics...

This would've been a nice picture if it was clearer! It's okay, Fifi. You've already given me one display pic-worthy photo at Timbre. Anyway, the word on the star is supposed to be "Elvis Presley".

Me on the verge of sneezing, while huiling and eve were still happily smiling away. The ship was so stuffy..

Now that's betterrr..

The ship is tilting!! Nah.. jk. But the ship did rock quite a bit.

Pavarotti -> Seniors + Freshies Pt 1.

Pavarotti -> Seniors + Freshies Pt 2.

Us advertising for one of the sponsers - Ricolla~

On the deck.

F4. Not.

I have no idea whose idea was this.

Ok, I look like a band conductor. In case you were wondering, the golden thing on my suit is a trumpet pin =)

Ron says I look like a mafia. But do mafias look so friendly??

Bakerzin Desserts~
By the time you read this, the promo might've expired. Which will be a shame!

Jivera Cake. Smooth and chocolate-y with a crunchy, tasty base.

Coupe cheesecake. Have you eaten creamy-cheese ice-cream? Have you tasted bliss? It's the same thing.

The warm, comforting and familiar Chocolate Souffle.

Zouk MAMBO night!
Long Island!

-_-" no commentss

The music starts and the dancing begins!

Okay, dance until tired already. It's time to sleep. See ya next time!

Readings, readings and more readings await me.

Need to start organising stuff.

Take care, people!

Friday, August 14, 2009

i'm seeing STARS

Yup, as of 11 August 2009, I was officially a student of Nanyang Technological University. (And a proud student of Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information) =p

There are so many things to like about school. I like my Hall (of residence #8), because it's clean and newly-renovated (okay, tons of people are going to kill me right now). I like Wee Kim Wee! Even though it's only the first week of school, but I am excited for what's to come. I like meeting old friends in school. I like going for breakfasts in the morning before lecture starts. I like cheaper McDonald's. I like Canteen A and 2's food. And the list goes on...

But of course, there's that one thing that even the most loyal of students hate about school, and that's the infamous STARS.

I tell you, it's like a bunch of kiasu aunties snatching for that last piece of handbag on discount on the last day of the Great Singapore Sale. Then the rest of us are left to mull over leftovers.. Oh well.

However, even though STARS can cause potential nausea and dizziness, I still heart NTU. Looking forward to a great four years of opportunities and experiences ;)

And here's my review of one of the most eagerly-anticipated films this year, Up.
I give the film:

A film-release by Disney/Pixar is always a special occasion. Kids get thrilled. Adults can interested. You can always associate it with one of human-being's most pleasant of expressions - a smile.

And the audience do start smiling from the get-go - Pixar's trademark opening short (this time entitled Partly Cloudy) will immediately launch people into excitable chatter, and all for the right reasons. So you see, from the early days of Toy Story to last year's cinematic masterpiece, Wall-E, the beloved animation studio does set their bar quite high, and almost the same can be said for Up.

This story tells of a lonesome widower who, to evade authorities from tearing down his house and to fulfill a life-long promise to his late wife, embarks on a sky-high adventure by lifting his abode to the skies with the help of thousands of balloons. Along the way, an eager-to-please boy-scout gets involved (you'll see how), and together, they begin the journey of a life-time.

Sounds incredulous? The team behind Monsters, Inc doesn't think so. And the final product, which combines laughter with a unique tale of friendship, is bound to warm the hearts of the audience.

Although Up doesn't quite measure-up (pun unintended) to some of Pixar's greatest, I'm totally in love with the art behind it. From the stunning display of the multi-coloured balloons (namely the flying-off sequence) to the breath-taking scenes of Paradise Falls (please, catch this movie in its full 3D-glory), we can only applaud the studio for its dedication to the true essence of animation - inspiring to watch, accompanied with a moving storyline.

FINAL SAY: Funny, touching and beautiful to watch - there are no second thoughts about a Disney/Pixar movie; just watch it.

Alright, shall end here.

Take care, people! (Can't use 'peeps' anymore, since it now refers to my hall clan, hehe)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

And Here We Go Again...

Yup. Going for Hall Camp. After all the storm of discussions and conversations, decided to go. Just finished packing. As always, bag is bursting in its seams. Pre-camp was today. Day Zero and I've kena-ed a forfeit already. I must say, I didn't expect myself to put on camo cream again after I ORD-ed. But well, life is full of surprises.

Wow, totally didn't blog for sooo long. Can't really remember the events. Let's see...

Anyway, got my first taste of arguably the best yakitori in Singapore @ Nanbantei restaurant at Far East, then there were those exciting visits to ION Orchard. But more on those extravagance later. Firstly, Paverts' OG outing @ my house [pictures courtesy of Fifi] (I know this event is damn outdated, considering the number of events our OG have been churning out by the day):

Rest of the photos (including one quite unglam one) are on facebook.

Then.. Nanbantei, which was one of the more expensive dinners I've spent on myself in a looong time. But here's a sneakpeek at the heavenly-tasting yaki-tori from that lesser-known restaurant at 5th level of Far East. Choy, we must go scout for more good food!:
Yes, I can already smellllll it now. I'm hungry. For the rest of the mouthwatering photos, please see fb.

Then there were all those outings whereby we by-passed Ion Orchard. And there's one on the long escalator of Orchard Central:

And that last-minute kboxing session. Pity didnt take any videos or anything. Our version of Daughtry's Over You, Phantom of the Opera's Think of You, totally rocked the house man, harmonizing and all :X Please go learn the guy-girl harmonizing for Say It Isn't So. I found it on Youtube! Click here.

And there was this Secret Operation "SP" at SMU Settlers'. 'Nuff said. The people will know. I like Citadel!

Okay, caught Overheard (aka
竊聽風雲) at Shaw. Here's the review:
I give the movie:

If you've read my review on the movie Revolutionary Road, you would've known that I kinda dislike depressing movies. Well, Overheard definitely isn't as tragic as that 1960s American drama, but this Hong Kong thriller does prove to be a tad heavy to deal with.

But that's not to say it is a bad movie. Written and produced by the people who brought you the excellent Infernal Affairs (disregarding part 2 and 3), this film tells the story of a team of undercover cops spying on a public-listed company whom the police suspect of dealing illegally in the stock market. As with all things involving large sums of money, greed and/or personal gain comes into the picture, and that's where the film begins its downward spiral into this dark tale of morality.

Apparent flaws are the slow pacing at the start of the movie, and the almost cruel way of treating our movie leads in the story. However, what's to be praised is the 3 charismatic dudes, each of them doing very well in portraying their characters and the inner-struggle that each of them face.

FINAL SAY: From my review above, you can guess that a 'happy ending' in this case might be slightly blurry, but the film does have it's plus points of a solid story and good acting. But what scares me the most is that all of these might actually be happening in real life.

Okay, I really need to sleep right now if I want to enjoy my camp from tomorrow onwards.

Everything's happening so fast and school's gonna start soon!

Take care, peeps!