Monday, May 11, 2009

Movie Magic

I guess most of you all have received the invite.

Erm.. is my theme really very challenging? Just wear something that represents the movies okay already. One small accessory also can. Don't have to dress like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. But if you think you can pull it off, go ahead. =P

So far, 45 people are turning up, and a few others pending. Really quite excited 'bout it. But now there's one small hiccup. The bigger function room is holding an AGM on the exact same day. Although it starts at 2pm, don't really know when it will end. Hope it'll end just in time for the party!

Might be roping in someone to be an emcee. But must confirm first. Get ready for a movie-themed night! (=

And, on that topic, caught X-Men Origins: Wolverine over the weekend.

I give the movie:

It's a great movie to look at, no doubt. What it lacks in character development, it compensates with cool action sequences that befits a summer blockbuster. But that said, Wolverine is just a solid back-story about how the super-strong mutant got his tough body and memory lapse of the past. All the characters which appear on the poster are memorable only for the brief moments they appear on-screen, and none of them were given the space to be as memorable as the titular hero.

FINAL SAY: While thousands of fan-boys worldwide are still crying foul over the underused and miscast fan-favourite Gambit, this movie is still popcorn-worthy.

And decided to introduce some songs:

1) The Show by Lenka - although it's last year's song, but this gem is still quite a discovery for me recently. Light and not migraine-inducing like most of the music today.

2) Not Fair by Lily Allen - I still can't figure out the lyrics! Weird. But the rhythm is still sticky and groovy.

3) I Told You So by Carrie Underwood ft Randy Travis - fell in love with this song after their debut performance on American Idol. Beautiful melody; a heartfelt, simple love song.

4) Touch My Hand by David Archuleta - also caught my attention when he performed on the recent Idol stage, this is a departure from his usual pop ballads. Something slightly different, and different in a good way.

5) Crazier by Taylor Swift - this talented lass just keeps gettin' better! She didn't win a recent Best Country Album for nothing. This melancholic song is one of her best to date.

Okay, need to start really drafting out a plan for the 21st.

Take care, peeps!