Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Closing of an Enchanting Era

An epic trilogy 15-years in the making has finally culminated into one of the most moving movie experiences in a long while - Pixar's Toy Story rolled out its final film, and along with tears and laughter, we bid goodbye to a family of characters we've come to love so well.

After much thought and much looking back, here's my review of the best movie I've watched so far in 2010 (and my favourite trilogy in film history - sorry, Peter Jackson) - TOY STORY 3.

I give the movie:

There's really nothing like Pixar. Wholesome, touching, madly inventive Pixar. Funny, zany, adventurous Pixar. And if there is ever a movie that this beloved studio should be remembered for, it'll have to be the collective films of Toy Story.

Without the success of the original (itself the first ever fully computer-animated feature film), there wouldn't be the incredible Incredibles, the ballad of Wall-E and Eve, the endearing relationship between Sullivan and Boo, or even the odd-but-adorable pairing of Russell and Mr Fredrickson.

It is no wonder that when it was announced early last year that Toy Story 3 was hitting cinemas this summer, fans everywhere braced themselves - excited once more - at what the studio with the golden touch will come up with to complement the first two masterpieces.

Suffice to say, #3 contained all that was present in #1 & #2, and so much more.

From the visually captivating opening sequence, you know Pixar is in top form once again (actually, when was it never?). Directed by Lee Unkrich (co-director of Monsters, Inc and Finding Nemo), this Pixar talent deftly blends hysterical action and tongue-in-cheek humour together with moving storylines revolving around themes of insecurity, abandonment and teamwork.

In the final poignant act (you'd better bring your tissues), this coming-of-age tale will also
make you cry like a baby. But - while dabbing your eyes - you will leave the cinema loving Pixar even more, because for me, it has risen to a place that is almost irreplaceable in my heart.

FINAL SAY: Chock full of memorable characters, this is an emotional, funny and witty farewell to one of the best film trilogies of all time.

Next up, the average Letters to Juliet.

I give the movie:

Although the movie title is kind of irrelevant (there's only one letter to Juliet that is of concert here), the film is littered with beautiful scenery which matches this journey of finding true love. The leads (Amanda Seyfried, Vanessa Redgrave and Christopher Egan) turn in fine performances in their roles to lift the sub-standard script into something watchable.

Or maybe it was the company I had when watching this film which made it extra special.

FINAL SAY: Verona, Italy is the new Paris? Well, romance, scenery plus heartwarming people - will definitely try to visit the place sometime.

Just a few sweet trips =)


And after moving out from The Shaughnessy, I miss Randall!
Why so serious?? =D

Take care, people!