Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Of Rabbits and Swan

I just realised that when the Oscar Academy Awards roll in, I'll be in Taiwan! Oh wells. That said, the race is just starting to heat up little by little.

Popular contenders that you will probably notice by now for Best Picture are namely Inception (time to give Christopher Nolan some due respect), The Social Network (as great a movie about the beginnings of Facebook as it is about filmmaking), Toy Story 3 (this should follow Up from last year and be nominated in the top ten as well), and hopefully, Scorsese's Shutter Island would get some notice =)

In the acting categories, mainly for actresses, these two movies should be considered:

I'm just glad Nicole Kidman is back! =)

Looks like one thought-provocating and thrilling film =)

And just one more rabbit film to lighten things up...

Jiayou for the exams!

Take care, people!

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