Monday, January 10, 2011

Burlesque & Other Drugs

Yep, caught two much talked-about films recently. Burlesque at a preview screening and Love and Other Drugs =)

Firstly, the musical~

I give the movie:

With finger snappin', sequin dazzlin' musical numbers, Burlesque thrills in a good ol' fashion way. Featuring powerhouse vocal performances from its two leading ladies, the song-and-dance routines hit the spot, although the storyline doesn't exactly break any new ground.

Newly-single Christina Aguilera stars as the strong-willed Ali (short for Alice.. 'Alice' short enough already what), who leaves small town Iowa for Hollywood, searching for a singing break. After numerous attempts at securing a singing job, she stumbles upon The Burlesque Lounge, where her musical journey in Los Angeles officially begins.

There she meets Tess (Cher) - the stately and no-nonsense nightclub owner - and her bevy of catty Burlesque girls. Soon, Ali's natural talent is realised and it is up to her to hold herself in the glitz of showbiz and not lose her footing.

This film is the obvious star vehicle for its two divas.

Xtina is at the top of her game as she belts effortlessly from one number to the next and she seems right at home performing on the light bulbs flashing Burlesque stage.

Still looking resplendent at 64, Cher holds her own as well, especially in the big lonesome ballad "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me". Her stubbornness in the film is well-balanced by the ever-reliable Stanley Tucci, who stars as her confidante, Sean.

FINAL SAY: Everyone needs a little razzle-dazzle in their lives, so give this showy musical a chance and catch it in all its flamboyance on the big screen! =)

Next up, the mature rom-com:
I give the movie:

From the great poster, it is obvious this is not going to be your usual chick flick. And thank goodness it isn't!

The pairing of the gorgeous-looking leads Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway will arrest attention at first, as with the promise of steamy scenes that is enough to warrant the film an M18 rating in Singapore. But after you get over the eye-candy, the product is one delightful and moving story.

Jaime (Gyllenhaal) is the gift-of-the-gab Viagra salesman who falls for the straight-talking Maggie (Hathaway), who seems to be hiding a medical problem that might threaten their relationship.

Filled with adult humour (in the form of Jamie's rotund brother), the film also balances with nuanced expressions of tenderness that will ring well with audiences.

FINAL SAY: Jake and Anne's excellent chemistry impresses, but the surprisingly weighty issues that the film tackles gives an additional insight to conventional rom-coms.

That's all! Those are the first 2 movies of 2011 - here's to some more great ones! =)

Take care, people!

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