Monday, June 6, 2011

Movie Ramblings: UPCOMING

The Dark Knight Rises! Okay, so it won't be until next year that the next Batman opus is released, but the hype surrounding the film is so deafening that it is comparable to those of blockbusters releasing this summer.

Back to those that are timely: it does seem like sequels and superheroes are set to jam-pack the upcoming theatre line-up. From Cars 2 to Captain America, movie fans (especially fanboys) will have to shell out extra bucks for big-budget on-screen epicness.

Here's a list of my most anticipated flicks this season:

#1 Super 8

JJ Abrams (the mastermind of Lost and that spectacular Star Trek reboot) + Steven Spielberg smells of cinematic blockbuster ecstasy. Shrouded in mystery from the start of production, trailers have now revealed that it is about a group of teenagers in 1979 America who witnessed a massive train-wreck while out filming on their Super 8 handycam.

Not long after, strange extra-terrestrial events start to happen in their little town, and reviewing their footage on their Super 8 seem to bring out some thrilling answers.


Current Tomatometer: 85%

#2 X-Men: First Class

This lowly-hyped prequel to the not-so-great X-Men Trilogy initially did not interest me at all. Who would have anymore faith in the franchise after X3 killed off Cyclops and Professor X, and making a mess out of villain Deadpool in the equally non-spectacular X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

But after the first reviews of the movie streamed in, stating that it boasted a strong script and look, it was apparent that this X-Men film is on a class of its own, which might just be needed to revive the series, who faces tough competition from Marvel's Avengers movie.

Current Tomatometer: 88%

#3 The Tree of Life

When the strangely captivating trailer of Terrence Malick's new film first came out, it left audiences puzzled - but in awe.


Mixing a father-and-son drama (played by both Brad Pitt and Sean Penn) with breathtaking National Geographic-style shots of oceans and forests, the film obviously tackles the ambitious. And judging by its recent Palme d'Or win at Cannes it is undoubtedly set for greatness once awards season arrive at the end of the year.

Poised to be one of the most talked about movies of the year.

Current Tomatometer: 85%

#4 Captain America: The First Avenger

Okay, so Hollywood decided to go nostalgic this time round with an X-Men prequel set in the 1960s, Super 8 in the late 70s, and now Captain America during WWII. Marvel Studios has been steadily building up its Avengers universe recently with Iron Man, Thor (read review in previous post), and the Hulk from before.

It's finally Captain America's turn


Judging from the trailer, the set design of the movie is ace, and with bucket loads of cash from the previous movies, Marvel definitely won't go easy on the special effects.

Let's hope the cast of Chris Evans - who was previously superhero Human Torch from another Marvel comic, Fantastic Four - and Tommy Lee Jones will take advantage of this great set-up to deliver another solid entry in the epic culminating of The Avengers.

Current Tomatometer: N.A.

Worthy mentions:

#5 Transformers: Dark of the Moon
No more Megan Fox. Michael Bay seems very determined to right the wrongs of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Heck, Steven Spielberg's name is attached to Part 3... so it must at least be good!

#6 Cars 2
#7 Kung Fu Panda 2
The latter is already released to rave reviews (one of those rare sequels that is equally good as the original), whereas Pixar's 12th animated feature film (and 3rd feature film sequel) has a lot of expectations to live up to. It is definitely a tough act to follow two Oscar Best Picture nominees (Up and Toy Story 3) but I believe the beloved animation giant can do it.

Yupyup, hope at least one of those movies interest you!

Will catch X-Men very soon (my 6th movie in Taiwan), with review coming up.

Take care, people!

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