Saturday, May 29, 2010

Away We Go ~

That's just one of the 3 movies I have not reviewed yet, and I find that the title is quite apt for this post, so here goes! Sorry, been quite busy (and lazy) that I haven't posted anything recently. There was the Genting trip, and Universal Studios (Singapore) trip, my 22nd birthday, and other sweet treats!



Pictures speak a thousand words. Or I'm just plain lazy.
Really spontaneous and hilarious photo. I stepped on her foot and I was trying to apologise.

This is no longer the most thrilling...

... this is!

One fun thing I learnt in Genting - German Bridge!

And now...


Beware! Besides Battlestar Gallactica being closed (heard they're redesigning all the seats on that ride =S), the flume ride at Jurassic Park (The Fail .. I mean, Lost World) is also prone to problems. It was down the whole day we were there... giving our totally buay song faces after being told to come out of our seats because it was having technical difficulties. Our butts got wet for nothing!

THE BEST RIDE we took that day. Trust us.

I know, I know, I'm not supposed to take this photo :X But that's us in the first row having a BLAST!!

Dinosaur food court. We didn't lunch here 'cos the food didn't seem worth our time and money..

We dined here! Some Shrek-inspired fast food chain selling tortilla wraps.

Chocolate vanilla swirls after lunch. Perfect for the SO-DAMN-WARM weather! But with a hot, sunny weather comes....

...great pictures!

Went to catch this show after lunch. Bleah. Notice the blatant advertising. But the show was awesome. Here are some great pictures:


...I'm on FIRE!!....

...BOOMZ! This is not a promo shot or doctored in anyway. I took this at that perfect, magical time the plane exploded out of the set =)

I love this shot =) You're not without your moments of wonder. The next time I come back, you'd better be fully ready!

MY 22nd!

Dad's treat with the family at the beautiful Ma Maison at Clarke Quay's Central.

Celebrating my birthday at Seniors' Camp with great company, great view, great durian cake from Goodwood Park Hotel! =D

The reason why I won't be hungry again at night =)

And here's a massive spam of food pictures. If you're hungry, you're strongly-cautioned to skip this portion or turn away.

This is at some secret place that cannot be revealed yet. But it's heavenly.

This one can reveal. Ootoya at Orchard Central!

Orchard Central's Jewels Artisan Chocolates. The lava chocolate cake is a MUST-TRY!!!!

Okay, now for some really short reviews of movies I've caught.

Firstly, Shrek Forever After.

I give the movie:

Quite unnecessary, but still not without it's laughs. This final chapter tackled rather serious issues that kids might not be able to fully understand, but of course, there's always a fat Puss in Boots to up the comic relief.

Next, Sam Mendes' Away We Go.
I give the movie:

A poignant and richly-acted drama that follows the story of a couple who travels to various states of America, meeting quirky friends and family, in search of a new place to call home and start their new family.

Hilarious and touching at the same time. Sam Mendes' loving direction gives this story of hope that extra special touch.

And lastly, Echoes of the Rainbow.
I give the movie:

A beautifully nostalgic drama set in Hong Kong, 1969, the story suffers from the lack of proper direction at the start, but overall, the performances from the actors young and old makes this a very watchable film about society's ever-changing landscapes and how they affect families.

Remember your Kleenex.

Okay, that's all!! Will try to blog more often.

Take care, people! =)

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