Sunday, May 2, 2010

Time to Plan

Yep, my exams are over. Time to start planning for this looooooong holiday. I have an internship in mind - shall apply for it on Monday! Wish me luck ;)

Many other things are happening that demand my attention, too - both public and personal. Hope I can handle all of them well. And sorry I didn't blog for so long!

This is our second (and possibly last) hall party! If you find this photograph oddly familiar, well, it's the same place, same food, and same Blissful-Eve pose from last time. =)

Okay, I'm going to spam photos now. Let's go!

View from Kenneth's house at the Duxton. The journey begins ...

We're going all the way to the Top.

And we're here!

That's Sentosa and the IR! Kenneth you're so fortunate!

Rolling clouds are beautiful...

And now for some food pics~

(warning: don't see them if you're hungry)

Best part of this? The sweeeet coconut ice cream.

Authentic Teppan-Yaki for bro's birthday!

Special pasta sauce (fish roe) with Japanese baby scallop. Slurpishly nice.

Before moving on to my poems, here are some movies that you guys might want to check out:

First up, my short review of Date Night.
I give the movie:

Given the undisputed comedic talents of its stars Steve Carell and Tina Fey, it is already granted that this film would be hilarious. But what surprised me about this tale of a date night gone wrong is the comedians' abilities to turn in emotional performances.

For married couples who think they've lost their spark, this one's definitely for you. For the rest, just have a great time.

Exciting car chase, by the way.

Next up, the opening film for this year's Singapore International Film Festival, Mao's Last Dancer or 舞.
I give the movie:

Based on the extraordinary true story of a boy from rural China who was plucked from obscurity and eventually tracing his tumultuous journey to become principal dancer for the Houston Ballet, this film is buoyed by the brilliant choreography featured in the movie.

Directed by Australian director Bruce Beresford, the tonal shifts in the flashbacks in China and the 'present' times of 1980s America sometimes made the movie lose its emotional footing.

But ultimately, its themes of freedom and artistic passion carries this inspiring movie all the way to the end.

Okay, this was what Kenneth requested, and I've been wanting to share my poems (which were assignments for my Intro to Creative Writing [HZ101] course) for quite awhile. Hope you guys enjoy this selection; feedback is absolutely welcomed! =)


Sometime ago, when the canvas was white,
I used to think I could paint


An orange sun, a green meadow, some birds;

the canvas bore no boundaries,


Then came a time the canvas was filled

with endless figures, colours -


Now I hope I have my blank canvas again,

and what I paint actually means



(to my grandparents)

My earphones sing a song to me -
A tinkling of the chimes,
Like lifting a veil into the past

Her voice echoes down the five-foot ways
I no longer walk on
But I see them,
faded oddly-brown

Strings are plucked clearly
as if he sits beside me
That old man from so long ago
who sang his stories till I slept

The keys tinkle, although I can't see
But as sure as they are
black and white
Her melody always strikes a chord

Skin is hit in a rhythm
almost like beats in my chest
Every sound it makes, I see
he holds onto the stick

I close my eyes and lean forward -
the song skips suddenly
Now my earphones sing a different song
and I sing along


And lastly, a visual poem featuring 5 Haikus.
You can click on it to enlarge.

Okay, hope you guys enjoyed that!

Shall write poems more often outside of the curriculum.

I guess that's all for now. IPPT this Saturday =S Chicago this Sunday! =D

Take care, people!

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