Sunday, May 25, 2008


So I hit the digit '2'.. and turned 20 today =) Ate a total of 5 cakes.

Wilson is grateful and these are the reasons why:

1) 'Celebrated' with army friends: Samuel (birthday boy also), Colin, Yong Qin and Bobo with movie (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Cystle Skull - review later) @ Junction 8 on friday night. It was so fun crapping with those guys. Gonna miss them when they ORD!

2) Celebrated with family at Marina Square's Jack's Place.

Want to thank my parents for these presents:

#1 Creative Travelsound. Yay, now I can play music anywhere I play mahjong without having to lug my big laptop around.

#2 Creative Noise Isolation In-Ear Earpiece. Yay, now I can listen to music on the train without having to increase the volume in the tunnel.

#3 Bagman Pouch. Yay, protects my new earpiece.

Dinner at Jack's Place (always my family's favourite) is delicious as usual. We love escargots. This is my juicy, tender ribeye steak topped with warm mushroom sauce:

And.. the FIRST of five cakes...

After the sumptuous dinner we went to check out the Singapore Flyer (look-see-look-see only. Never seat)

But I managed to take some great photos!

A cabin rotating into the shopping centre:

And my favourite picture of the night goes to....
Chio right!? Thank you.. thank you..

3) Celebrated with Lamerz: (minus serkun, pj and gera) they came over at 11pm for a stayover.

Szern suddenly barged into my room with two UNLIT candles on a birthday cake and said "Happy birthday." How abrupt can that get!?

Lol. Apparently, fungi and szern can't find the lighter in my kitchen so I had to find it in the end. So we did all the birthday-singing, cake-cutting ON MY BED. Well, there's always a first time I guess.

Those are real candles burning on my bed!!

My 2nd of five cakes. Looks gross right. They insisted on taking a photo of that lump of chocolate on the top.

Then we watched The Mist (dammit, it's the 2nd time I'm watching and I still think it's terrifying). Glad they enjoyed it, although, being Lamerz, we cracked many jokes, namely one with taping the mouth and a particular ah gong and ah ma.

When the movie ended, we saw this at 3am:

It's this damn old TCS Channel 8 drama called 阎罗传奇. And that picture of Chen Han Wei just cracked us up 'cos in secondary school our beloved Chen Yee Wen looked a bit like him =x

Then we played mahjong and I kept winning! But never play $ -.- We lamed and crapped all through to dawn, with me kena 'blanket party' for dunno how many times.

They left at 6am, with me totally exhausted. I slept till 1130 before leaving for Vivo City to meet..

4) Celebrated with JC clique @ Vivo City.

Had lunch at some HK restaurant. Lazy to say, but here are the photos + comments. Erm, ONE PHOTO is rated NC16

The 3rd, 4th and 5th of five cakes i had..


And here are the presents from them:
Unique Billabong Wallet. Really like the design =)

Vivien's sweet letter & weilong's cool sanscript charm which he got from the temple. I really appreciate it, dude.

And, last but not least...
Guys, I'm 20, not 21 leh! I hate to admit, though, it fits perfectly =xx

Ending on that high note, this is my short review of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
I give the film:

FINAL SAY: The traditional absurdity of the beloved Steven Spielberg franchise is stretched to the limits here. But without a doubt, it's well-filmed (damn spectacular effects) and fun old-school stuff that keeps this decades-old series alive. Cate Blanchett officially steals the show.

Took off tomorrow to rest. Damn tireddddd.

To everyone who has wished me in one way or another, I would like to THANK YOU. Seriously, I appreciate it =))

Take care, peeps!

Monday, May 19, 2008


It was a long but very nua weekend.

Firstly, the new car is here!

Seriously can't wait to get my license!

This was on wednesday night @ Holland V. Totally busted my wallet! Farewell, Tess!

Serkun, fungi, gera, yw and I at East Coast Park's jetty. Nice weather.

The three cha-bors acting cool.

All our bicycles.

Can you see me and serkun inside in reflection? Lame, lol. (It's fungi's face btw)

After East Coast Park went Parkway Parade for makan. Then went to pj's house to nua.

Vesak Day: szern, serkun, yw, zw came over to my house for no-$ mahjong and some more nua-ing.

Booking in soon. This week will go by quickly, too, I predict.
My birthday's coming but I don't really feel a thing also =x Maybe 'cos I'm still in the army =x

Take care, peeps!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Something is Wrong.

Jit pai siao liao ('This time it's crazy..') ....

Hurricane Nargis
Myanmar's blatant rejection of world aid is just shameful and extremely wrong. Your people are suffering. Other people want to help. (I heard this story of a woman who asked her child to pledge $1million anonymously on her behalf). Just freakin' let them help lah!!

Si Chuan Earthquake
This little picture, though powerful, doesn't reflect the devastating scale of the Chinese disaster. Although China was much-applauded for it's transparency in this tragedy, we can't help but empathise with her plight (the Olympics is in august, for crying out loud). The world has rallied to pledge in millions of dollars, which is much-needed. There's still hope.

This is a song that Singapore's very own JJ Lin wrote finish in a night to encourage the victims of the Si Chuan earthquake to stay strong. It's very beautiful.

词/王雅君 曲/林俊杰

大地被摇晃著, 天空突然黑了
我的心也被震碎了, 下一秒瓦解了

但明天是好的, 我们要坚定著

当爱与希望 投射炙热的太阳
昨日泪光 会随时间都蒸发
别轻易放弃 明天要许更多愿望
装满了勇气 就更有力量

当爱与希望 倒映暖暖的月亮
再回头望 又是筑好的家乡
我打开了窗 看见了晴朗

Here's my own English translation:

The earth shook, and
the sky went pitch-dark
My heart crumbled to pieces

A moment's devastation -
and I was awashed in my tears

But tomorrow carries a promise;
we must stay strong.
Love will keep us alive; from
our battle with Mother Nature

When Love and Hope
basks in the warm Sunshine,
Tears from a painful yesterday
will evaporate with time

So don't give up easily; and dare to dream
With greater courage we will prevail
and emerge stronger than before

When Love and Hope is
reflected in the warm moonlight,
we can see
the future of our homeland awaits

The road ahead is definitely arduous;
but with a determined spirit,
building a home that we love again
is right here in our hands.

[ Though we're destroying the world, it's also up to us to save it ]

Take care, peeps.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

5 Stars


TRP's 四大美女!

From the looks of it, yup, I went to the $10 KTV again. Finally got myself a membership card. I'm sure besides jm, there're alot others who'd want to borrow it from me too =x

Mom really liked the CD I burnt for her for mothers' day. Guess it's really personal and it's a collection of all her favourite cantonese and chinese songs. Glad she liked it =)

Yay, won $ for mahjong on saturday night with cousin, grandaunt and grandma. Base was $150 lor siao. But no BIG transactions were made, so it's all friendly.

Anyway, the tentatively-planned Lamerz trip in July to Redang has moved to yet another level. We have voted - with majority - to stay in a 5 star resort!

Thanks szern for planning all this! Hope fungi and zw will quickly settle their dates so I can apply my overseas leave.

And finally.. the next thing about 5STARS.

Just caught the film The Mist (er.. dad. overseas. dvd. cheap. piece these words together for the reason I got hold of this movie)

I give the film:

This has got to be the most powerful movie I've watched in my life. Don't be fooled by the cheesy name. It's a monster movie - rivalling Cloverfield - with really thought-provocative social issues thrown in.

Albeit starting off unsteadily, the tension that builds in the course of the film is astounding.

A mysterious mist has shrouded a small town and drove many of its inhabitants to the local store to stock up on supplies. But a man running from the mist - his face and shirt bloody - makes the locals realise that they should stay in the store for their safety. Hence, they're trapped.

What follows is the unravelling of conflicts between the occupants of the store, and their fight to stay alive from whatever's outside.

When the director finally lets you in as to what creatures came along with the mist, the movie is already kicked into high gear.

FINAL SAY: Powerful, scary movie and intense storyline. The ending is so shocking you won't forget it for a long time.

Okay, got to book in soon. Waiting for friday.

Ohmygod lah, now life run is on mondays, wednesdays and fridays. For AHM. Gosh. But must train up le!

Take care, peeps!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Went to catch Iron Man over the weekend with the people who're going to ORD in my unit (grr, they can't stop reminding me). Then we went to the $10KTV @ Chinatown and sang our lungs out. Bobo even had a special solo that was filmed down by me ;)

Firstly, Iron Man
I give the film

This is one of those rare superhero movies (from Marvel comics who now have their own studio) that completely live up to its hype. I was initially skeptical as well. Iron Man? I hope it's not cheesy. Well, glad to say, it's not.

Robert Downey Jr - prior to initial skeptism - fills the role of Tony Starks perfectly. Acting as assistant-cum-love interest is the ever stylish Gwyneth Paltrow, who rounds off the strong supporting cast.

The effects are notably fantastic and fans or non-fans will be glad to discover that the script is humourous as well.

Although the finale battle seems short-lived, the ending of the movie more than made up for it.

FINAL SAY: Super cool effects. Strong cast. Strong script. Very satisfying ending. What more can you ask for? P.S. Stay till after the credits to check out what's install for the sequel.

Yay, $10 KTV rocks (ok, technically it's $10++ but end up only $12, so not bad). Going with TRP (whoa so long never use this shortform) this saturday.

Here are some pics with my camp buddies....

Me and bernard singing.

Bala, Jia Yi, Bobo.

And Colin belting his lungs out. You go, Colin!

Now, presenting the World Premiere of Bobo's hit single, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.


Went to play mahjong with fungi zw sk today. Really lucky hand sia. Zhi Mo 5 Tai.

Anyway, here's a free Speed Racer keychain from buying the Iron Man popcorn combo. Ironic right?? But anyway, I seriously seriously want to catch Speed Racer. Although Samuel says it makes him dizzy just by watching the trailer, but I can tell it's going to be one hell of a movie.

Okay, booking in soon for yet another busy week. I'm really like a sign-on armskote man lor.

Take care, peeps!