Sunday, August 31, 2008

we sing, we dance, we steal things

Shoots, blew the ca$h again. Really $ money no enough already, man. But still, I'm glad for my purchase.

Yes, I'm talking about COMEX 2008, that IT show @ suntec. But more on that later.

It was Family Day for my unit and my parents came. Here are some pictures:

[ sorry, photos removed for security reasons =x ]


Yoohoo! The stuff I bought at COMEX rocks!

The audio-technica 'Earsuit' headphones was on unbelievable discount. Original price: $101. Selling price: $68!!! It is foldable and it comes with this cool pouch to put it in. And did I tell you the bass-system rocks? Ya, they rock =p

And the one beside it is Western Digital's 250GB portable hard-disk. Bought it at $99.90.

I need to start saving $ again man. Seriously.

And the best way to test excellent headphones is to play it with excellent music. This is currently the #1 selling CD in HMV. Jason Mraz's We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things:

That is probably one of the most popular songs in Singapore now. I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. Even channel5 uses it to promote Ugly Betty season2.

Gosh, I'm turning into an audiophile!

Take care, peeps!

Monday, August 25, 2008

21KM and the Overdued

Yup, I ran the 21KM army half marathon AGAIN this year. But more on that later.

Firstly, I need to back-date this post by quite a bit because I was so busy preparing the photo-post of the Lamerz Redang Trip (see previous post).

Let's back-date to 15th August!

Guang Yang Primary School Gathering
A whopping 30-plus people turned up, thanks to Kenneth Lim, the guy who seems to have half his brain containing memories from the primary school days =x (seriously, he remembers too much about them)

Anyway, here's that rare shot of us all together at Ken's house:
I'm the one smacked in the middle, with that grey-and-white polo tee, flanked by our teachers, Mrs Tjan (on the left) and Mdm Mahanom (on the right). Really kudos to these two wonderful, wonderful teachers, who still can remember all of us (it's been 8 years!!).

Sometimes, it really is heart-warming if you start recalling those pre-secondary school days. The fun, the mischief, the freedom, the naivete... all that seem to be gradually absent now, don't you think?

After the gathering, me, wenjie, francesca and vanessa proceeded to Bishan Junction 8 to catch Meet Dave.
I give the movie:

Inane - that's the word to describe this lack-lustre of a movie. Of course, there are the occasional laughs, but the keyword here is occasional, largely provided by Eddie Murphy, milking his last available talents as a physical comedy star.


Lamerz Day Celebration and Gifts Exchange
It was 16AUG. We premiered Babe, and a Beachball to much laughter. We gift-exchanged. We played Mahjong. And serkun got drunk.

This is the pic of the presents we exchanged:

And this was my belated birthday gift from Lamerz, a limited-edition MTV Asia Awards t-shirt from EDC by Esprit:

If you're wondering what on Earth is that boxy-red-thing that appeared in the previous two photos, well it's Yeewen's gift to me in the gift-exchange:
Cute. I've seen it at Orchard Cine. And I've seen the price =P

New Shoes and 4bia
Once upon a time (okay, it's just one month ago) I came across this nice sneakers from K-Swiss, on an issue on Taiwan FHM. And guess what, I saw that sneakers at StarThreeSixty @ Paragon!

Of course, I grabbed it on my next trip. Here you go, my cherished $139 sneakers:
Don't worry, it wasn't an impulsive buy. I have my saving$. =)

After that retail therapy (I was happy, no doubt, those are nice shoes), me and zhiwen depressed ourselves with the Thai horror 4bia.

I give the movie:

WARNING: This movie is not for the faint-hearted.

This film strings together 4 horror stories by 4 of Thailand's renowned directors, and the result is effective. No doubt, for a horror film, they are scary.

1) For a creepy storyline, the first film, Happiness, will make your spine tingle. The story is still in my head and it's been 2days.

2) Second film, Tit for Tat, is a Final Destination-inspired gore-fest, but with a sicker twist. Your skin will crawl.

3) Third film, In the Middle, is about a camping trip gone wrong. Although it's by Shutter's director, this is more funny than scary. Quite weak, I must say.

4) Final short, The Last Fright, has a damn scary premise, and it pulls out all the stops for an all-out frightening finale. Delivering a corpse alone on a flight is never fun. And this is why.

FINAL SAY: Thai horrors are definitely not as nuanced as their Korean and Japanese counterparts. But this is still an above-average offering that will satisfy horror fans.

The movie had many suspenseful moments, and there was this group of girls sitting behind us. When the film ended, she declared that she had forced herself to go to sleep in the middle.

Army Half Marathon (21KM)
Touted as the first run across the newly-built Marina Barrage, this run was just another exhaustion-a-thon for me. But I'm glad I completed it under the 2hr 45min mark, and will add another finisher medal to my tally, including the one from last year.

Will update the photo of my medal next time =p

Went to makan with alfres, jun'an, soonkang, sgt kang and kimheng after that. Then me, kang and kim went to catch Murder of the Inugami Clan @ cine.
I give the movie:

This is a Kindaichi (金田一) crime/mystery about the murders that take place among the wealthy Inugami family.

The plot is intricate, the style of the movie impeccable, and the ensemble acting flawless. Although this movie will definitely not appeal to the general audience (its slow but steady pace might be unnerving to others), Kon Ichikawa re-directed his own 1976 cult-classic with patience and mastery.

FINAL SAY: You'll keep guessing till the end. Although it's not for the average movie-goer, nonetheless, the beautiful and traditional direction has already made this film a modern classic.

(aka Inugamike no ichizoku)

Whoa, my whole body is aching like mad; it's the same symptoms from last year's 21km run.

Meeting a couple of lamerz for Money No Enough II later before booking in. Hopefully it's ok.

Take care, peeps!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

redang memories ~

Yup, it's finally here.
The LAMERZ REDANG TRIP 2008 photo-post!

It was definitely a fun-filled trip. With snorkeling, eating BBQ food, surprise birthday celebrations, KTV-ing, disco-ing, sun-taning, and of course, filming the now-classic Babe, and a Beachball LAMERZtudio movie.

People say a picture paints a thousand words. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking, then.

Enjoy. Lamerz, this one is for you!

Chapter 1: Travelling there...

Chapter 2: Finally arrived!
Chapter 3: Lunch and our Resort

What a funny photo (above)! Everybody's expression was different =x

Chapter 4: We snorkel!!
(Above) Thanks for pushing me under the water.

And that's the winning shot, thanks to Peijun!

Chapter 5: At the resort's pool

And from our own Private Investigator:

Chapter 6: Surprise celebration!

Chapter 7: We snorkel... again!!

Chapter 8: at More More Tea Inn

Chapter 9: Girls' Fun in the Sun!

Chapter 10: The Last Night

Chapter 11: Saying Goodbye...


For the fun we had on our journey back to Singapore, please enjoy this video by LAMERZtudio exec, szern:


I took 3 nights to make this because of the humongous no. of photos!

Of course, there was still many, many photos. But thanks to all those who contributed with their cams, especially szern's underwater cam!

Ok, going to sleep now. Shopping tomorrow. Muahaha, time for some new stuff =x

Booking in early for 21KM Army Half Marathon. Shagggggggg

Take care, peeps!