Sunday, January 10, 2010

And so, Hello New Sem

Yup, in 5 minutes time it'll be 12am and it'll be a brand new day and a brand new semester.

And to kick it off I have a seminar tomorrow morning. Why can't it be a tutorial? Then I won't have to go.

Just finished watching 宫心计 - the HK TVB mega drama about scheming concubines in the palace. Now my brain is all in a smattering of Cantonese.

First week of school - "can tuang", Ronald said. So I'm going KTV on Tuesday, and not attending the first CS lecture of the semester. Shit. The effects of peer pressure.

Okay shall end off with a quote i read in 8Days:

"You become addicted to short-termism. Like pressing the snooze button." - Hugh Grant.

Somehow this phrase just stuck. Procrastination.

Take care, people!

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