Sunday, January 17, 2010

School Bell Ring.. Again.

School has begun. And we all looked sad. =(

...joking! It was Hoodie Day. Yep, Themed Days are back in full force!

So many things have happened. Where do I start?

Oh yeah. Fungi got the dubious honour of being my first pal to celebrate her 22nd Birthday.
Zhi-char @ Bukit Panjang. It's Fungi's birthday that we can have a rare full-attendance gathering. Geraldine is really quite Korean-fied!

Serkun's one is coming up!

First Day of School: Wrote for my first article in The Nanyang Chronicle! =)
Yep, that's my review of Sherlock Holmes for Chron.
Click here to read it online!

This KTV with Weilong, Viv and Jiams happened on the second day of school. Like, wow. But it was worth it. Chinatown $10 KTV rocks.

Went home for two nights in a row for this...
AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 9! Ace production values. Great entertainment. Fifi, I think even though we have to endure early mornings on Thursdays, Wednesday nights with Simon, Randy, Kara, Ryan and later, Ellen, will be all worth it.

Friday: skipped the first lecture of my Biz gerpe. But it was probably worth it, seeing that I went for a big-scale exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore - Quest For Immortality: The World of Ancient Egypt for a Students' Price, which was FREE!
That's a real mummy. *Shudder* It's the highlight of the exhibition.

How the inside of the coffin looks like. The ancient Egyptians are real artists.

The most famous page from The Book of the Dead.
Notice the weighing balance: on the left is the heart of the deceased, and on the right it's a feather. It is said that when the deceased reaches the Underworld, his heart is weighed against the feather. If it is heavier than the feather, it means that the deceased had sinned as a mortal, and the part-hippo-part-lion-part-crocodile creature will devour the heart. No more Eternal Life for the deceased.

Replicas of mooncakes, ricecakes (beng kuey), ang ku kuey and tu-tu kuey!

And now for the real stuff...
'Magic Wok' Thai restaurant near City Hall. LOVE the orh luak (oyster omelette)!

And now for one of my fave dessert places:
Soft serve ice cream sitting on cold ice, topped with sweet, creamy chocolate syrup. *Melts* Huiying's expression says it all.

There is a Paradise.

After those gut-busting food, it was off to a feel-good film. The Blind Side.

I give the movie:

This was the inspiring film that could. It is still doing spectacularly well at the U.S. Box Office, thanks to its uplifting true story and a strong performance by Sandra Bullock. Last year, The Blind Side famously ousted New Moon to second place as it reclaimed the top spot yet again. Which is good. I mean, who enjoys watching a deathly-pale female lusting after a deathly-pale vampire, while a ridiculous-looking werewolf watches on?

But I digress.

In this heartwarming movie, a wealthy southern family adopts an extraordinarily huge African-American kid after seeing him roaming the streets homeless one night. He quickly integrates into the family and is soon on a track to recover from a bleak and broken past.

This is a safe success story that banks on its inspired-by-a-true-story premise and of course, America's Sweetheart, Sandra Bullock. Her serious turn here as a strong-willed mother certainly deserves an Oscar nom, but a win?

That would be a slight stretch.

FINAL SAY: Occasionally funny and definitely filled with tender moments, this is a sports film with heart. Watch it for Bullock.

Alright. I'm dead tired.

Take care, people!

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